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This workshop is design oriented meaning that specific design computation and materialization methods for data driven form finding will be explored. Each working cluster may apply and advance these methods considering specific design objectives.
The groups are divided in beginners and advanced as follows:

MSc 1
The goal for MSc 1 is to take a fragment of their design and apply specific methods of materialization design and parametric modelling. Each group, based on their focus may use robotic production, 3d printing and laser cutting or a combination of these to deliver a prototype of their design at the end the week.

MSc 3
For TUD and DIA MSc 3, the objective is to come up with a schematic design and apply methods of computation in macro to meso scales. By making design computation hackathon clusters in the beginning of the workshop and continuing after the midterm review with individual strategies to implement the methods which would lead to schematic architectural topologies.


Rhino, Grasshopper, and add-on plugins for parametrization, simulation and materialization will be used. Furthermore, the method of production such as 3d printing, laser cutting and robotic production will be informing the geometry.


Tuesday 2017-12-13
- Introduction, groups/sub-groups formation
- Group discussions and woking sessions

Wednesday 2017-12-14
- Group discussion only in the morning
- Working sessions in the afternoon

Thursday 2017-12-15
- Tutorial Session
- Splitting MSc3 into individual projects
- Planning and preparing the production files with MSc1

Friday 2017-12-15
- Tutorial session on demand and prototyping
- Design development and documentation
- Presentation

Monday 2017-12-18
- Finalizing the Prototypes
- Submission

Note: 3D Printing, Robotic Production and Laser Cutting to be discussed and planned in advance with the labs.


Henriette Bier, Sina Mostafavi, Daniel Fischer, and Benjamin Kemper


TUD-MSc 3: Chong Du, Erik Zanetti, Floris van Buren, Jihong Duan, Roel Westrik, Rosanne le Roij, Turkuaz Nacafi
TUD-MSc 1: Andrea Costa, Arav Kumar, Bewar Ahmed, Dafne Sara Swank, Edwin Vermeer, Heeyoun Kim, Hidde Manders, Mary Ann Berendson Villnueva, Nino Schoonen, Oscar Borgström, Rebecca Lopes Cardozo, Sjoerd de Roij, Szymon Lapaj, Theona Kessaris, Timea Sándor, Yamoh Rasa, Koen Martens
DIA: Arise Wan, Hossam Hesham, Mahmoud Meligy, Mohammed Saad Moharram