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Edwin Vermeer - Heeyoun Kim - Sjoerd de Roij - Timea Sándor - Yamoh Rasa

During the project we wanted to print a new model every week. Below are all the results, first four study models and then the final model. Each week we build on the strong points of each model to further develop and reshape our design based on new insight.

20171215 Workshop Presentation 12.jpg

20171215 Workshop Presentation 13.jpg

20171215 Workshop Presentation 14.jpg

20171215 Workshop Presentation 15.jpg

Study models.jpg

Design diagram.jpg

C Users StudioRasa Desktop Project1 - Sheet - G03 - Elevations.png

C Users StudioRasa Desktop Project1 - Sheet - G04 - Sections 00.png

C Users StudioRasa Desktop Project1 - Sheet - G05 - Sections 01.png

Combined models.jpg

Final model 1to50.jpg



01 Render 03.jpg

01 Render 09.png

01 Render 11.png

01 Render 02 retoush.jpg

01 Render 12 retouch.jpg

04 Render 03 retouch.jpg

01 Render 15.jpg