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G1 B - Urban Farmers

Hidde Manders - Dafne Swank - Mary Ann Berendson - Arav Kumar - Szymon Lapaj

Borders of Positions

The river is a natural condition, that determined our thinking from the begining. It is a natural line dividing land from the water. We decided to explore those conditions and investigate further questions:

Where is the border between land and water?
Is it always the same?
What are the borders of ergonomy positions of our bodies?
Where is the border between human and animals?
We tried to find a structure that could be applied for multiple locations.

Context dessau.png

Area of intervention photo.jpg

Finding the shape

Context drawing.jpg


The shape
1.jpg 2.jpg


Stresslines within the shape

Stresslines image.jpg

Stresslines image3.jpg