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G2 Assembly


Dylan Deguzman - Jihong Duan - Arise Wan Mei Lhen - Tim Mechielsen - Roel Westrik - Erik Zanetti

Group 2 (G2) students will integrate in the multi-material pieces of furniture sensor-actuators, which will be proof of concept for: - Process- and material-efficiency achieved through smart robotic (i.e. selective) material deposition and/or subtraction. Materials considered are EPS, concrete, and coatings. - Smart operation by integrating sensor-actuators such as light dependent resistors, infrared distance sensor, pressure sensor, etc. informing lights, speakers, ventilators, and/or umbrellas/reconfigurable shading components, etc. in order to allow users to customize operation and use of the urban furniture. Group 2 students are asked to use as initial input topology a part of previously designed stage-pavilion titled Echosphere ( and/or MSc 2 prototypes from previous MSc 2. This initial input is only a departure point, which during the workshop may differentiate depending on the focus of each sub-group.

The workshop will involve: - Design development based on mapping the human body with its requirements in relation to use and environmental conditions; - Design computation, design to production experiments and prototyping. The deliverables include computational models, systemic representation of workflows and data exchange between multiple plugins and sub-algorithms as well as interoperability between digital and physical modules. Each group may deliver specific customized methods of material properties and behaviour simulations implemented in the design process. Moreover a flowchart diagram of process as well as a short video of design to production experiments and prototyping are considered as key deliverables of this workshop.